Monday, July 29, 2013

Reading 3 : The New Aesthetic

R E A D I N G  3
The New Aesthetic

Below, linked is a transcript is a talk by
James Bridle entitled "Waving at the Machines".
Images are included in the reading.

To quote the about page of The New Aesthetic-

Since May 2011 I have been collecting material which points towards new ways of seeing the world, an echo of the society, technology, politics and people that co-produce them.
The New Aesthetic is not a movement, it is not a thing which can be done. It is a series of artefacts of the heterogeneous network, which recognises differences, the gaps in our overlapping but distant realities.

Reading is due August 1, Thursday.
INSTEAD of two reading response questions,
I want you to search through the Tumblr linked
and select a post on it that either interests
you visually or conceptually. Link it on
a post to your blog, and write a paragraph
as it why it interested you.

You might choose one that is relevant
to your own artistic practice currently.
Also search! Don't just swipe from
the very front page.


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