Monday, July 15, 2013

Setting Up Your Blogger!

While it is a very straightforward process, it is ultimately the first that will be done in this class. If there is any difficulty in setting up your personal class blog to link all others and myself to, please follow this basic guide!

For further notice, clicking on a 'sized' image on these blogs will enlarge them.

1. The website of choice is ''.
A simple engine search will get you there.
Important : To create your blog you will
need a Google account. If you click on...

2. You will see this screen. If you already have
a Google account, go ahead and skip to 4.
If already logged in you will bypass this screen.

If you have no Google account, note the 'SIGN UP'
in the top right. Go ahead and click on that.

3. Basic sign-up process! Confirm a gmail,
even if you will sparingly use it. It will be your
basic log-in tool for your blog. Once done-

4.) You should enter the main interface. It is
a list of your existing blogs, which of good
chance, shall be zero (unless you already
blog, then more power to you.)

Note the options available to you. The big
pencil button will send you to creating a new post.
To note on the drop down is 'Template' which
will get you blog decoration options and 'Settings'
which help you adjust basics like URL and name.

5.) When you enter here, the new post interface,
you will see an organization of basic text tools.
To note by 'Link' at the top is an image icon
which is a portal to uploading and posting images.
It will be invaluable to posting most assignments.

A slight use of the HTML will be made later on
to embed videos, but not immediately.
Once your specific post is desired, go ahead
and click 'Publish' and you have posted!

I will mention this at a few more junctures, but once you have created a blog (created, no post necessary until first projects/questions due), send me the URL link to it so I may compile in a post a link to all peers' blogs. It will be invaluable as well to later objectives.

Beyond that, for more assistance, consult this link :

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